We run a 2-day interactive workshop which will address business decision making.

Instead of relying on gut-feeling, we will assist you in a rational value-based approach. Furthermore, we will address valuation of your assets under development. This will help you to support your financing applications and to establish sound business deals as well.

From a typical 2-days workshop you may expect the following:

Decision Analysis

  • you will be able to set up a Decision Tree model, populate the model, and run a quick analysis
  • you will be able to run sensitivity analyses on a given model, be it a Decision Tree model, or any other value-based model
  • you will be able to conduct simple Monte Carlo simulations using existing models


  • you will understand a basic valuation process and be able to collect appropriate data to feed a valuation model
  • you will be able to populate a P&L sheet for a given project
  • selected experts (certain financial expertise and MS Excel skills are required) will be able to construct a basic valuation model which can be used in future valuations.

Portfolio analysis

  • you will be able to team up to conduct a portfolio prioritization exercise. An initial prioritization model will be made available. Customization to be discussed.
  • you will learn how to view a given portfolio from different angles and analyze typical portfolio characteristics