Business strategy support

Decision Support

  • Mellema Consulting applies proven approaches for decision support like Decision Tree Analyses, aided by sensitivity analyses and simulations
  • This delivers a transparant summary of the business case and its assumptions
  • Different scenarios can be quickly evaluated to arrive at informed decisions


  • Quick valuations may be facilitated by (semi-quantitative) Decision Tree Analyses for first glance on viability of a projectFull valuations (risk-adjusted NPV) will provide insight into viability and future cashflows.
  • Mellema Consulting uses a proven valuation model which is based upon discounted cashflow analysis and taking risks into account
  • Both in- as well as out-licensing opportunities may be subject of valuation

Risk Structure Analysis

  • Creating overviews of the roadmap of your project(s) to enable quantitative evaluation of costs, risks, revenues and options
  • Optimize the “risk structure” by moving technical risks earlier in time, thereby avoiding costly late-stage failures


A mature product development portfolio may be well characterized by full financial analyses which mitigate prioritization of individual projects. But in case of an early portfolio full finance data are not reliable (yet) and prioritization should be aided by other qualitative attributes.

  • Mellema Consulting can assist you in establishing a process involving one or more stakeholders to arrive at transparant prioritization
  • A simple system allows you to adjust weights of attributes, inspect agreement levels and identify individual disagreements

Portfolio Analysis

Depending on strategic requirements, different views on your portfolio will assist in decision making to create biggest bang for buck.