Business Plan Creation

Business plans develop over time, according to the stage of the company or the nature of the project. Each stage and purpose has its own requirements. Common stages are:

From idea to development plan

In this stage, we apply a Quick Scan approach as a check for logic and for completeness. What will be the unique selling point of the product or service in the market? An important item is scenario planning and evalution, for which Mellema Consulting offers advanced decision support techniques and valuation services and a training workshop. If needed, we can write (parts of) your development plan or assume the role of editor.

From development plan to business plan

Once there is a solid development plan, other aspects need to be arranged. Next to financing (see below), attention needs to be paid to elements such as:

  • the earning model: what is the commercial target group, and how will they be reached with your product or service?
  • strength-weakness-opportunity-threat (SWOT) analysis
  • the pricing strategy
  • what will be done in-house and what will be outsourced? (partnering strategy)

If needed, we can write (parts of) your business plan or assume the role of editor.

Attracting grants and financing

For a grant institution, a bank or a venture capital firm, plans need to be more detailed. Emphasis needs to be on the operational plan, in which the feasibility of the approach is clearly demonstrated.  A risk structure analysis can be very helpful in this stage. Mellema Consulting will provide hands-on support covering all of these stages and will provide quotes per stage upon request.