• How to decide on investments in product innovation in Life Sciences?
  • How can I reach business decisions under uncertainty?
  • What is the best earning model for my business? 



  • discover the value drivers in your business
  • deal with uncertainties in decision making
  • value and compare your options


Mellema Consulting will deal with your business questions in Life Sciences adequately, and foremost in a transparent manner.


Latest news

Winter 2015/16:

Mellema Consulting moves to a new office at the Shelterzorg BV premises (Leemweg 112, 6603AM Wijchen, The Netherlands, see contact). Beautiful surroundings at the outskirts of Wijchen, 5 ha (over 12 acres) of forest hills including foxes and (protected) badgers. 

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Fall 2014:

Jan-Remt Mellema joined Eagle Rock Life Sciences as an Associate in particular in the areas of Decision Support and Project Valuation. 


December 11th, 2013: 

Quirem Medical receives the BioBusiness Masterclass award on an update of the Business Plan originally developed in collaboration with Mellema Consulting. We congratulate Frank Nijsen and his Masterclass colleagues on this accomplishment. 


January and May 2013:

While working for UMC Utrecht in oncology, both an STW Valorisation Phase 2 grant as well as an NGI Pre-Seed grant was awarded. These grants provide a solid base for valorisation of QuiremSpheres™ by the UMCU and Quirem Medical BV. The start-up was founded June 4th together with colleagues Frank Nijsen (CSO) and Jan Sigger (CEO). 


December 15th, 2012:

Mellema Consulting office moves from Ravenstein to new site in Wijchen. Thanks to Aalbers Schilderwerken for hosting us for 3 years!  


June 8th, 2012:

Waste2Chemical receives the Niaba BioBusiness Masterclass 2011/2012 award


Henk Viëtor (Skyline), Jan-Remt Mellema, Kirsten Steinbusch (W2C), Onno vd Stolpe (Galapagos), Niels van Stralen (W2C), Kees Recourt (Mibiton en BioBusiness MasterClass) and Jeroen de Groot (TNO Pharma).


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Mellema Consulting continues to apply proven methodologies in Risk Management and Valuation for existing clients. In addition, we are involved in life science product valorization, grants and financing of early opportunities, strategy consultancy, R&D portfolio assessments and business development.  




Pictures currently displayed on the site were taken at the NIABA BioBusiness Masterclass 2011-2012




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